The Vision

Uganda Vision 2040 provides development paths and strategies to operationalize Uganda’s Vision statement which is

“A Transformed Ugandan Society from a Peasant to a Modern and Prosperous Country within 30 years” as approved by Cabinet in 2007.

This involves changing from a predominantly low income to a competitive upper middle income country within 30 years.. It is envisaged that the country will graduate to the middle income segment by 2017 and reach a per capita of USD 9,500 by 2040.

The Vision 2040 is conceptualized around strengthening the fundamentals of the economy to harness the abundant opportunities around the country.

The identified opportunities include:

› Oil and gas
› Tourism
› Minerals
› ICT Business
› Abundant Labour Force
› Geographical Location and Trade
› Water Resources
› Industrialisation and
› Agriculture

among others that are to date considerably under-exploited.

To achieve our vision the average real GDP growth rate will have to be consistent at about 8.2 per cent per annum translating into total GDP of about USD 580.5bn with a projected population of 61.3 million in 2040.

This will depend on the country’s capacity to strengthen the fundamentals to harness the opportunities. The fundamentals include: infrastructure (energy, transport, water, oil and gas,and ICT); Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation (STEI); land use and management; urbanisation; human resource; and peace, security and defense.

The Vision attributes, which are consistent with the principles of the constitution, are:
(a) Independence and sovereignty;
(b) Democracy and the rule of law;
(c) Stability and peace;
(d) Knowledgeable and skilled;
(e) Able to exploit and use its resources gainfully and sustainably;
(f) In a strong federated East Africa with an effective African Common Market and a strong African Defense Mechanism.

The Uganda Vision 2040 is a document that outlines the path and key strategies to operationalize Uganda’s Vision as approved by Cabinet in 2007