Nationwide consultations were conducted involving various stakeholders and consensus was reached on the following aspirations for Uganda’s future development:

  • Ugandans aspire to live and work in a peaceful, secure, harmonious and stable country where the rule of law prevails and respect for fundamental human rights observed. Ugandans want a corruption free nation with strong democratic structures and systems.
  • Ugandans aspire to have unity in diversity and equal opportunities irrespective of gender, tribe, ethnicity or religion. Ugandans aspire for a progressive and developmental culture that blends traditional beliefs and national values. Ugandans aspire for a future in which men, women, youth, children, and persons with disabilities are empowered to participate as equal partners in development.
  • Ugandans desire to be resourceful and prosperous nationals contributing to national development through gainful employment, savings and investments.
  • Ugandans desire to have access to affordable quality health and education services. Ugandans aspire for a healthy, literate and well informed society. We desire to live in clean and well planned settlements with access to all social amenities. Uganda aspires to be a society free of hunger with strong social safety nets.
  • Ugandans desire to have world class infrastructure and services, and modern technology to improve productivity and production. Ugandans also aspire to have access to clean, affordable and reliable energy sources to facilitate industrialization.
  • Ugandans desire a green economy and clean environment where the ecosystem is sustainably managed and the livability of the urban systems greatly improved.
  • Ugandans aspire for a highly moral and ethical society whose citizens are strong in religious and spiritual values, and instilled with the highest of ethical standards. A society in which people practice and profess their customs, cultures and religious beliefs and yet, feeling that they belong to one nation.

These aspirations, as well as emerging development opportunities and global trends, provide a basis and foundation for the realization of the Vision 2040.

The Uganda Vision 2040 is a document that outlines the path and key strategies to operationalize Uganda’s Vision as approved by Cabinet in 2007