Key Vision Strategies

  • Review the architecture of government service delivery system to act as a unit, harness synergies and deliver public services efficiently and effectively.
  • Government will invest directly in strategic areas to stimulate the economy and facilitate private sector growth.
  • Pursue an urbanization policy that will bring about better urban systems that enhance productivity, livability and sustainability.
  • Government will pursue policies aimed at leapfrogging in the areas of innovation, technology and science, engineering, human resource development, public sector management, and private sector development.
  • Develop and implement a National Innovation System that will help in initiating, importing, modifying and diffusing new technologies.
  • Government will front-load investments in infrastructure targeting areas of maximal opportunities with focus on oil, energy, transport and ICT.
  • Accelerate industrialization through upgrading and diversification to effectively harness the local resources, offshoring industries and developing industrial clusters along the value chain.
  • To develop and nurture a national value system by actualizing a national service programme to change mind sets and promote patriotism and national identity.
  • The vision will be implemented in accordance with existing and future agreements, standards and protocols within the framework of regional integration.

The Uganda Vision 2040 is a document that outlines the path and key strategies to operationalize Uganda’s Vision as approved by Cabinet in 2007